I’m running to represent the First Congressional District of California because we need to have a representative in Congress who will look out for and serve the needs of everyone in our District.

Doug LaMalfa hurts the citizens of the district by putting the interests of the “fat cats” ahead of the working people. He just voted for a tax cut for corporations and the wealthy that will raise the taxes of working Californians and will likely lead to cuts in Medicare.

I will put the interests of all of our citizens first. Here are the principles on which I am running:

RESPECT for the needs of everyone in our District. We travel great distances for work and our everyday needs. We need our highway infrastructure to enable us to succeed, not hinder us. We need tax and regulatory policies that recognize and address the particular needs of our District and its residents.

FAIRNESS that treats everyone equally without discrimination and that protects the earned benefits— Social Security and Medicare—that we have all paid for, protects women’s and minorities’ rights, and allocates benefits such as farm subsidies to all types of agriculture, including forestry.

FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY to live within our means and to be honest about the needs and choices we have to make, and the cost-benefit trade-offs that are necessary.

HEALTH CARE AS A FUNDAMENTAL RIGHT for everyone, including medical, dental, and vision, with no one of any age denied proper care because of financial circumstances. This is smart and good business, since healthy people without anxiety about medical needs and costs can support their families and contribute more to the community.

ESSENTIAL TOOLS of first-class public education to enable our next generation to succeed in a competitive world, and fast broadband internet access for our business and personal lives, including a cellular system for voice and data that covers reliably and securely every square mile of our District, which is a must-have for safety, security, and business in our vast District.

These are the values that I think are important to improving the lives of everyone in our District. We have been forgotten for far too long by both the Federal and State governments. I will serve everyone in District One.